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A medical marijuana card allows you to obtain cannabis for your medical condition. Many already have one, but if you need one as well and you are unsure if you should get it, consider these reasons written below.

1) Legal Protection — using and distributing cannabis is still against the law in some states, so if you are using it, you are technically breaking the law, and you might get fined or go to prison for it. Therefore, if you are using it as a treatment for a disease, you should consider getting a medical marijuana card, so a licensed doctor can prescribe you medical cannabis.

This card is also great because it provides full legal protection. If you get pulled over by a police officer, you can allow them to search you, because if you own the marijuana card, you are allowed by law to carry marijuana with you. This way you don’t have to be afraid of going to jail or that your marijuana will be confiscated.

2) Marijuana is an extremely effective medicine — there have been many researches and studies and they proved the medicinal benefits of cannabis, so today it’s hard to dispute on that matter. Benefits such as relieving painful nausea of chemotherapy, curing glaucoma, depression, muscle spasms and many more – have been scientifically proven and cannabis is being used more and more to help with these conditions.

3) The ticket to entering medical marijuana dispensaries – cannabis clubs exists in states that approve the use and distribution of marijuana, and if you have this card, you can access these clubs. California, for example, has over five hundred medical marijuana dispensaries. These clubs offer various types of cannabis strains that you can choose from, depending on your needs and financial situation. There are also clubs which have rooms with vaporizers for you to medicate safely.

 You can grow your own — having a medical card also allows you to grow your own cannabis legally. In California, a patient can grow up to six mature plants at one time. This will also help save some money on medicine and buying marijuana from other distributors.

How to get a medical marijuana card in California?

If you have decided to get your card, the best way to do so is through MMEC (Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center). This center has dozens of offices around the country and is the largest and the best, most trustworthy provider of medical cannabis cards. The doctors in this center are pre-screened, with valid permits for practicing medicine. The cards are very high quality, so you don’t have to worry about carrying and losing piece of paper with your prescription on it. There are other places to get your card, but this one is the most respected and well-known.

Where to find medical marijuana in California?

The safest way to obtain medical marijuana is online via site WeedMaps.com. This site has a lot to offer, such as a map with directions, reviews of dispensaries, and a social networking community of patients that use medical marijuana that you can talk to and share your experiences and get acquainted with how it all works.

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